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Tree Pest Alert: Twig Girdler Beetles

Have you noticed small tips of branches on your red oak trees suddenly turning brown and dropping off the tree? Twig girdler beetles may be attacking your tree. The damage these pests cause can be quite alarming. While small populations typically aren’t cause for great concern, if left untreated twig girdlers can multiply into full blown infestation and cause a lot of unsightly damage.
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Now is the Time to Heal Your Soil

After all this rain we've had, there is the potential danger for your roots to suffocate from over saturated soil. Soil aeration reintroduces much needed oxygen to your tree's root zone.

Now is a good time to get on our schedule for soil aeration!

It is also a good time to expose your tree's root flare to minimize damage caused by girdling roots and root rot diseases.