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“The Arborist was clean & thorough in explanation. I wasn't home when the crew was there but the clean-up was terrific. ”
- Pam W.

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Bagworm By The Inch

Bagworms are Here: Could your trees be their next stop?

Your North Texas trees may be hosting a summer visitor - bagworms. Here's the scoop on what to watch for, what to know about these little critters, and how your arborist can help you avoid an infestation.

Identification Guide

Bag Worms

These slow moving insects leave "bags" in your shrubs and trees.

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Why is organic tree care beneficial?

If we can continue to emulate Mother Nature by leaning towards an organic approach, and begin to limit the use of synthetic fertilizers that can lead to the need for fungicides and insecticides, our plants will be healthier.