Leo & crew cleaned up extra branches that I had stacked on ground, clean-up always exceeds expectations. ”- Ruth W.


The job done by your crew is the most professional, thorough trimming I have experienced. Thanks for a job well done! ”- Patti S.

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Preservation Tree wins Park Cities People’s Choice Award!

We just heard we were selected the winner of the Tree Service category for the 2012 Park Cities People People's Choice Award! We're very honored to have been considered and selected for such an award and give a big thanks to all who participated.

Preservation works with S & D Oyster Company in Dallas

Preservation works with S & D Oyster Company in Dallas. Follow along as we help this popular Dallas eatery preserve their existing trees during a major expansion!

How the Experts Plant a Tree

Ever wondered how the pros plant a tree? Check out our visual planting guide to see the steps we go through here at Preservation Tree to make sure your tree gets the best start possible.

What should a tree planting hole look like?

There is the right way to plant a tree and the wrong way. Unfortunately, most trees in the Metroplex are planted improperly, which sets them up for a host of problems down the road. Planting a tree too low, then piling soil and mulch up around the base of the tree trunk will only lead to eventual disappointment. We all have goals when planting a new tree; be it providing shade for a patio, cutting energy costs in our home or adding visual features and focal points to our landscape. We all want our new trees to thrive and reach maturity with vigor.

What does it take to remove a tree stump?

When you're unfamiliar with a specific type of work, it can be hard to know whether the prices you're being quoted are justified or not. We thought we'd show you a few photos of a recent job we were working on where were had to remove a stump. It's not easy! As you can see in the photo, This wasn't a very large tree in terms of circumference. Even so, it takes a lot of work to get an established stump completely removed in order to plant new tree or shrub specimens.

Tree Services at Hillcrest and Park Lane

You might have noticed some tree services going on at The Dallas Women's Club at Hillcrest and Park recently. Our Arborists and crews have been working to improve the health of some of their mature Red Oaks. These are beautiful trees and the DWC is committed to caring for them and preserving their health.

Our Foreman earns his U.S Citizenship!

This is our second staff member to earn their U.S. citizenship in the past year. We are so proud of their commitment to the green industry and their love and appreciation of the United States! Congratulations to David Guzman, one of our foreman. Give him a hand, would you!

Herbicide Damage to Trees

Herbicides for weed control in lawns have become an integral part of landscape maintenance. Chemical weed control is often perceived as more economical and efficient than hand or mechanical cultivation. Such Weed & Feed products are commonly used by homeowners and if misused, can be very damaging to trees. Most weed control products will affect broad leaf plants, which include trees.

Construction Damage to Tree Roots

As a consequence of our growing urban population, there is an increase in the construction of new homes, and the expansion and renovation of existing homes. This is putting demands on our urban trees and landscapes in ways that are new and unique.

Removal of a 100 Year Old Red Oak

As our company name indicates, our first goal with any tree is to preserve it by improving it's overall health and vigor. But sometimes, we simply have to remove a tree for the safety of all involved. Trees are living things; they live and then they eventually die. They are not permanent fixtures. So while a 100 year old red oak may be historic, it may also be in serious decline. This was the case with just such a tree we recently had to take down in the History Swiss Avenue Distiric.