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10 Reasons to Recommit to Your Trees in 2016

Do you take your trees for granted? It’s easy to do; trees can seem fairly self-sufficient. But in an urban environment, trees need regular maintenance; just like the rest of your landscape. Considering all the benefits trees offer us (clean air, habitat for wildlife, shade for our homes, erosion control and much more) you might want to add better tree care to your New Year’s resolution list .

Shade. Need we say more?! Here in Texas, shade is a requirement for good quality of life. Large shade trees planted strategically around our homes make spending time outdoors tolerable and save you a lot of money on your electric bill. Read about our top 5 favorite shade trees.

Clean air. Without plants, we don’t breathe. Not only do plants and trees provide us with the oxygen we breath, they keep it clean. Urban air quality is a big issue these days and trees are a big part of the answer. Trees remove pollutants from the air such as carbon monoxide and also absorb carbon dioxide, releasing it as oxygen that we need to breathe. Every time you take a good, clean breath, think of your wonderful trees!

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Mulch & compost. When we prune trees, we recycle them into many things, including mulch and compost. Shredded trees make excellent hardwood and cedar mulch that protects roots and regulates their temperature. As a bonus, the mulch composts down into the soil and adds valuable nutrients to the soil. Don’t let your tree company leave trimmings on the city easement, or they’ll just end up in the landfill.

Food. Do you have pecan trees or other fruit trees in your landscape. Trees often serve double duty and providing humans and wildlife with not only shelter, but also food. Get more bang for your buck by planting fruit trees in your urban landscape.

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Privacy and security. If you live on a noisy street, the right trees can reduce the noise. Don’t needs a birdseye view of your neighbor’s bathroom or other unsightly view? Plant a privacy screen.

Water Conservation. Without the shade of trees, rainfall and irrigation water quickly evaporates in the sun and heat. Shaded landscapes use much less water than full sun gardens. Even having just apart of your landscape in shade will conserve a significant amount of water each year. Tree roots also help reduce water runoff from heavy storms. Plus, trees release moisture back into the air as they transpire.

Beauty. Barren landscapes don’t offer much in the way of color or texture. But, add a few trees, especially ones that are evergreen, produce distinctive blooms or offer seasonal foliage color, and you’ll have a sight to behold.

Windbreak. When placed correctly, trees can offer a solid windbreak and protect your home and landscape from heavy winds, especially cold winter winds.

Wildlife Habitat. Trees offer habitat, protection and food to birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife. Birds either overwintering in our area or migrating on to other places take advantage of our evergreen andberried trees for shelter and sustenance. It is especially important to manage trees and their health during construction as new construction can be detrimental to our wildlife.

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Mood Stabilizer. No really. It has been proven over and over by numerous research studies that plants improve our moods. In dense urban environments, where we can all feel a little too close for comfort, a nice green buffer of trees can help soften your space and your frame of mind. Green…it does a body good!

Heading into the New Year, we hope everyone will make a refreshed commitment to invest in new trees, and preserve existing ones, for the generations to come.

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