I have been very pleased with the people you have sent out to take care of our trees. Very professional, courteous and readily answered any questions I had. You have a great team & I look forward to the upcoming pruning of my trees. ”- Mark H.


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5 Best Texas Shade Trees

Let’s face it: Texas is hot. Planting large shade trees not only adds value to your home, but it can also offer respite from the heat, shade your home to reduce energy costs, provide a home for habitat, and add beauty to your landscape. When you live in an urban environment, it’s even more important to provide shade to homes and surrounding areas – all that extra concrete from roadways, sidewalks and buildings significantly increases temperatures in the city. Shade trees are a great way to cool things off!

They say the best time to plant a shade tree was 20 years ago…we think today is pretty good too! Did you know that fall is the best time to plant new trees in Texas? You’ll save yourself a lot of work by planting when we have cooler temps and rainfall, instead of waiting until the heat returns. You’ll also save money by reducing your chances that you’ll lose a new tree to heat and drought stress.

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Texas Tree Fact: Texas Arbor Day is now the first Friday of each November, because fall is the best time to plant trees! Celebrate Texas Arbor Day this year on Friday November 1st by planting a new tree of your own!

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Choose a tree to plant then let us help you source the best, most
healthy specimen and plant it properly at your home. Proper planting is
key to a long and healthy life for your tree so that it can be enjoyed
for generations to come. Wondering which shade tree to choose? While
there are many other great shade trees for Texas, here are a few of our
Texas-tough favorites:

Cedar Elm is highly drought tolerant once
established. This large, native tree sports small, deep green leaves in
spring that turn to a golden hue in autumn. Grows large, up to 90′, to
offer a wonderful amount of shade.

Shumard Red Oak – This gorgeous Oak has rich green
leaves that turn fiery red in fall. It has a beautiful, open canopy and
thick branches. Leave lots of room as it can grow upwards of 120 feet.
Enjoy acorns through summer.

Chinese Pistache – These easy-to-maintain trees are
not only beautiful, but also pest and heat tolerant. In fall, leaves
turn magnificent, bright orange to red. They grow 40′-50′ tall and 30′
wide. Perfect for shading a one story house.

Monterrey Oak – Looking for a medium, gorgeous oak
that is tolerant to Oak Wilt? Monterrey Oak is for you! It has
wonderfully textural, dark to light gray bark and oblong, deep green
leaves, except in spring when new leaves are a lovely peach color. Grows
to 40′. Great for urban landscapes.

Live Oak – This evergreen tree is an area favorite
for many reasons. It has a dense, wide canopy, offering wonderful shade
in summer; is very long-lived; has adapted to our clay soil; and has
unique branches that over time drape the ground beneath.

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