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Aggressive Pests? Your Trees Might Need a Shot!

Did you know that insect damage to trees costs homeowners across the country more than $800 million a year in damages? When trees have an undiagnosed and untreated infestation, they could fall on your home or need to be removed, meaning you lose not only a beautiful landscape feature but also a big chunk of your property value. If the tree is not removed properly, it could cause even more damage to property.

No one plants a tree hoping they’ll have to replace it. Trees are a long-term investment. The best way to preserve that investment is prevention of disease and pests. Sometimes, however, our trees fall victim to aggressive pests that require aggressive treatment. Insects such as borers can’t always be effectively treated with sprays. Diseases like oak wilt can’t either. So how do we treat these aggressive pests in the most earth friendly way possible? Injections. Sometimes we need a shot in the arm to get over an illness…so do our trees!


Arborjet is the latest technology to safeguard trees against pests such as chewing caterpillars, scale and borers; and diseases such as chlorosis, and sudden oak death. These pests and diseases attack your trees systemically…that means using a topical spray on the tree may be less effective or ineffective.
We use a system to drill, plug, and inject nutrients or treatments directly into the trees transport tissues then seal them into the tree. We explain more about this innovative system in our video below:

While we normally try to use organic treatments, aggressive pests and disease sometimes require a chemical cure. When we have to go that route, we only use the Arborjet injection method so that no chemicals are released out into your landscape or home environment. The treatment is completely contained within the tree’s tissue. This method means we won’t expose your kids, pests or wildlife to toxic sprays.

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