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Are Girdling Roots Hurting Your Tree?

The first sign that there was a problem: the tree stuck out of the ground like a telephone pole. For good tree health, we recommend leaving a bit of the top roots exposed.

Tree Girdle1

We gently moved the soil using an air spade so as not to harm the roots. Once the roots were exposed, we could see the girdling.

To keep this tree in top shape, the root girdling must be carefully removed
without further harming the tree or compromising its vascular system.
Our Certified Arborists and carefully trained staff will assess,
diagnose and properly treat whatever is the cause of the girdling.
Girdling can occur due to a build-up of too much soil around the base of
the tree, a tree that was planted too deep, or even because of twine or
wires that were not removed at planting time. Unfortunately, we see
this far too often.

If you feel that your tree is in need of our help, spring is a great time to give us a call to remedy the problem.

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