I was concerned about how this would look after the work was finished, and I shouldn’t have been! I am THRILLED with the work that Preservation Tree did! I sometimes just walk out in my yard and admire how beautiful my tree looks now! ”- Bonnie P.


Sergio and his crew did a Fabulous job. They were so good. They communicated so well with their supervisor and really seemed to be like artists. They shaped the trees so Beautifully. Thank You! ”- Anita Q.

Are your trees hungry? Fall is time to feed!

Our hot Texas summer is thankfully on it’s way out. Trees will enjoy the upcoming break from the heat in fall as much as we will. In the next few months, your trees will have a chance to make a recovery from some of the drought stress, insect problems, damage from recent or past storms, and other struggles they may have experienced in the last year. However, your trees can’t heal themselves. This is why the fall feeding is so important!

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The Importance of Nutrition

Did you know that the underground roots of your trees are often as extensive and far reaching as the branches above ground? That entire root system is surrounded by soil, which is the basis for all plant life. For this reason, starting the route to healthy trees by improving the soil structure can make a big impact in the overall vigor of your trees. Most of us in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area have heavy clay soils in our landscapes, which are low in organic matter, nutrients and can easily become compacted by heavy rains, foot traffic, construction and summer drought.

What happens in nature: In natural forested areas, leaf litter falls to the ground each year to cover bare soil. This forms a layer of protection for the critical feeder roots and over time, all this organic matter is broken down by tiny microbes, providing slow release nutrients to plants.

The environment for urban trees is completely different. Fallen leaves are typically collected and disposed of, removing the natural material that feeds and insulates trees, understory shrubs and groundcovers. Compacted, depleted bare soil cannot foster the kinds of microscopic organisms needed for vigorous plant growth and soil fitness.

The Fall Feeding

Don’t miss feeding your trees in fall. The fall feeding rejuvenates stressed tree. This is important not only to residential properties, but to commercial landscapes as well. We apply a high pressure injection of liquid compost, created from decomposed organic matter and filtered water to bring much-needed nutrients to your tree’s root zone.

This treatment also helps rebuild networks of beneficial fungi called Mycorrhizae. This important fungi aids tree roots in the uptake of nutrients and water, detoxifies the soil, and helps break down organic matter so their nutrients are more available to your plants.

Are you on our SEASONS program? This important autumn application of biostimulants is built into your regular inspections. This means you’ll be taking an immediate step to healing heat stressed trees, as well as setting up a long term plan to ensure the well-being and strength of one of the most significant assets in your landscape.

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