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Ask an Arborist: Why are my pear trees blooming in the fall?

Weather can trick nature into doing some funny things. In fact, just a few weeks ago, Arborist Scott Dahlberg snapped a photo of an in bloom Bradford Pear.

Q: Wait, what?!? Bradford Pears are supposed to bloom in the spring! What is going on?

A: “I believe this is weather related. Some fruit trees will bloom in the fall after they have dealt with stress associated with the hot summer months and drought. Once rains begin, if temperatures are still relatively warm, the trees are “tricked” into their spring time conditions, thus causing the blooming at the wrong time of year. Obviously, blooming at the wrong time of year uses stored energy that otherwise would be saved. Therefore, fertilization, aeration and, in most cases, root flare exposure would be proactive measures to take for these trees.”

-Scott Dahlberg, ISA Certified Arborist


This particular pear is the last one in a row that has been slowly dying of cotton root rot over the past few years, a disease to which Bradford Pears are highly susceptible. Also, you will see the less-than-perfect shape of the tree. This occurs often in these trees as they are prone to breakage during storms – one of the many reasons we do not suggest planting them. Other better flowering tree options can be found here.

This spring-bloom isn’t just confined to one incident. Arborist Getth Nelson, out of our Fort Worth office, spotted seven young Bradford Pears blooming as well!


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