Please pass along that I was so pleased with how my trees looked yesterday when I got home. And, my yard was cleaner than when you all arrived. Thanks so much for taking such good care of my home. ”- Lauren B.


Thanks for the lovely work. Our trees look wonderful. Chris and his crew were amazing. Thanks again. ”- Debbie D.

Before & After: Healing Trees with a Boost of Micronutrient Injections by ArborJet

By Getth Nelson,
ISA Certified Arborist, TX-4050A

When I was called out to view these old established Post Oaks, the current property manager was concerned with yellowing of the tree canopy, as well as loss in overall vigor. This is an industrial property that hasn’t focused on much tree care for the past 25 years. Over time, the trees have steadily become weaker and weaker. The heavy rains from May of 2015 left the trees nutrient deficient and looking exponentially worse than in recent years; they even started to show visible significant dieback within the canopy.

Upon arriving on site, the trees displayed visible signs of chlorosis, a sign of iron and nitrogen deficiencies; underdeveloped foliage, and leaf scorch, a bacteria that causes foliage to look “scorched” on their edges.

Beforeafter Ptsgetth3

I knew the leaf scorch was a result of chlorosis coupled with heavily compacted soils from rain and construction. In addition, most of the trees had large paved areas around them. The combination of multiple issues resulted in nutrient deficient, compacted soil with little to no available nutrients or oxygen.

The new property manager was committed to improving the health of their trees, and was willing and able to do whatever it took to make sure these old Post Oaks were preserved. The first treatment option to aerate the surrounding soil was put on hold temporarily, as there is current construction taking place. Aeration is vital to help break up soil that has been compacted from years of heavy foot and vehicle traffic. Soil aeration will be completed in Spring (2016) after construction.

How do Micronutrient injections help heal trees?

Next, we directly injected Min-Jet micronutrients directly into the trees for quick uptake. We also performed two root stimulation soil injections and two SEASONS feeds. The deep root soil injections can only be performed in certain areas, as the parking lots limit access to vital feeder roots. This setback is what prompted the additional use of Min-Jet to deliver nutrients straight into the tree’s vascular system.

Beforeafter Ptsgetth2

The results from the nutrient injections were nearly immediate. The before pictures shown were taken in June (2015), and the after pictures were taken just 4 weeks later!

What exactly are micro-nutrient injections? When trees are nutrient deficient, a boost with a special blend of manganese, iron, zinc, boron and copper will help to fortify them and get them on to the road to recovery. We employ the ArborJet system to offer important nutrients directly to the tree just as you would an IV into a person. Preservation Tree Staff is trained and kept up-to-date with the latest in ArborJet technology. We continue to offer education through each year, on how to administer injections such as Min-Jet.

We’re thrilled to see the success of these healing trees. However, to remain healthy and thriving, they will require additional attention moving forward. Years of neglect have left the soil nutrient and oxygen depleted. With continued care, I believe we’ll see dramatic improvement each year moving forward.

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