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Beneficial Insect: Parasitic Wasps

Just in time for Halloween!

In our landscapes, there are many bad insects that harm our plants and trees. But in a well-balanced, organic landscape, the good bugs can push out (ie: devour!) the bad. One of those insects is the parasitic wasp. They are your best defense against destructive. chewing caterpillars in your trees and landscape, such as fall and spring webworms, tent caterpillars, bagworms, tomato hornworms and more. In many cases, the female wasp lays eggs onto the host caterpillar. The eggs then hatch and the caterpillar becomes paralyzed as the larvae eat their way through the host. Creepy…we know!


When we treat for webworms in our client’s landscape, we strategically place small cards with tiny, harmless-to-humans, Trichogramma wasps on them. These wasps will parasitize the caterpillars within the webs in the branches of trees in the landscape.

If you are noticing large webs in your trees, give us a call and we’ll eradicate these creatures from your beloved trees.

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