Thank you for the fine work on our Cedar Elms. All the mistletoe is gone and your crew left the yard so clean, you can’t even tell they were there. Thank you again. ”- Tom D.


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Boost Your Soil with Microbes

The soil beneath your feet might not cross your mind too often. Nevertheless, the soil you’re walking on isn’t sitting still…it’s teeming with life and activity. Or, at least it should be. One of the most important components of a healthy soil is the presence of beneficial microbes; they make soil fertile for your trees and landscape, so they can grow strong and beautiful.

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Microbes are fascinating, in that they are able to ingest nutrients and break them down to a usable state for plants. Without microbes, your plants would not have a steady stream of nutrients to carry out functions and grow.

Mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial microbes grow in the soil, bonding with and interconnecting the roots of your trees. Mycorrhizal fungi also form a network of mycelium around the root system of your plants and trees. These mycelium do an excellent job of helping to fend off diseases and insects that feed on roots, and can help plants communicate.

According to an Ohio State University study, there are more microbes in a teaspoon of soil than there are people on the earth. Amazing! That is a lot of opportunity to feed and nourish your trees and landscape, if we properly take care of the soil.

Why should we care so much about the microbes in the soil?

1) Microbes and mycorrhizae boost water and nutrient uptake, promoting strong, healthy plants.

2) They help to quickly break down organic matter, leading to even more nutrients for your landscape.

3) Mycorrhizal fungi can also help in detoxifying your soil and protecting your plants from harmful heavy metals.

Since our heavy clay urban soils in North Texas take a beating with compaction from construction, heavy rains, and foot traffic, we must take action to enrich the soil so beneficial microbes can thrive.

This important microbial activity is why we believe our SEASONS Tree and SEASONS Lawn programs are integral to your tree, shrub, and lawn health. Our liquid compost mixture is specially formulated at our local facilities. We ensure it provides the right types of nutrients to the soil that are naturally found in nature, but may have been depleted in our urban landscape.Trees, lawns, and landscape plants that are healthy and vigorous are much better able to naturally fend off stress from heat, drought, disease and insect pressure.

If you want to keep your landscape in the best condition, call us for an explanation on how our liquid compost application, as a part of our SEASONS program, can boost your soil.

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