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Care for Your Trees in Stage 3 Water Restrictions

Depending on where you live in North Texas, you may only be allowed to water your landscape twice a week or only twice every other week. But no matter where you live, there are things you can do to keep your trees as healthy as possible. We encourage you to not stop completely watering your landscape, especially your trees.


City of Dallas Watering Schedule

Urban trees provide a huge benefit to city-dwellers. They provided shade for our homes and buildings, reducing energy usage (and water usage in the creation of electricity), especially in the summer. Trees prevent soil erosion and cut down on reflected heat from roads, sidewalks and driveways. Urban trees help control stormwater runoff and are also habitat for our urban wildlife. When you stop watering your trees, they become weak and more susceptible to pest and disease. Weak root systems and weak branches can translate to a lot of property damage come storm season.

City of Forth Worth Watering Schedule

The last few years of extreme drought have caused serious and some irreversible damage to our North Texas trees. We must make an effort to save the trees that still have a chance. Mistakenly, many homeowners think that shade trees have large tap roots that help them find water. Unfortunately, this is only the case with a handful of species. Most of the trees we plant in North Texas do not have tap roots. Most trees send out a wide network of shallow feeder roots that both stabilize the tree and take up water and nutrients. Most of these feeder roots are concentrated in the top 18″ of soil.

One-inch worth of rainfall per week during the heat of summer, or a deeper soaking every other week, is what it takes to keep our trees healthy. If you live in an area that only allows you to run sprinklers once or twice per month, be sure to supplement your tree’s summer water needs by using soaker hoses or drip lines.

Keeping your trees on a seasonal feeding schedule will also help to maintain their health and vigor through extreme conditions. Spring and fall are proper times to feed your trees. By managing your trees today, you can avoid property damage from falling trees tomorrow.

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