The trees look great! Thank you. ”- Burson H.


Just a short note but a very BIG thank you for the TLC you all gave our old Oak tree last week. Chad & the entire crew are so professional and their concern for our tree and nature in general are evident in the work they do. ”- Crystal C.

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April Showers Bring May’¦Fungus?

By Micah PaceISA Certified Arborist TX-3752Professional Urban ForesterQualified Tree Risk Assessor Okay finish the following sentence: April showers bring May…..yes, flowers! But what happens when record setting precipitation last spring and fall is combined with a relatively wet spring this year? Well, sometimes wet springs don’t only lead to fortuitous flowering. In fact, excessive soil…

Storm Damage: Fallen tree due to construction decades ago!

We were recently called out to a home in Arlington to remove a toppled tree. Before it fell down, if you were to look a the overall appearance of the tree, it may have appeared to be in good health. But here's what we found.

Cool Wet Conditions Encourage Fungal & Bacterial Disease

With plants putting on a flush of tender spring growth and the cool moist weather conditions, you’ll need to be on the watch for fungal leaf spots, canker diseases and fire blight. The current environmental conditions are perfect for bacteria and fungi to reproduce and easily find a home within the foliage moisture of tender young leaves.

Fungal Conks: Are they dangerous to my tree?

Do you have fungal conks growing on your tree? Learn what's really going on beneath the surface.

What’s All the Stress About? Could Be Aphids!

This month, we’re noticing many new insect infestations on trees around the DFW area. Because many of our urban trees are stressed from heat, improper watering and lack of fertilization, they are more susceptible to pest problems. Aphids are one of those pests invading trees right now, as seen on the leaves of the post oak (in photo) that we recently inspected.

Hypoxylon Canker in Oaks: Part 1

Did you know that trees under stress are much more likely to fall victim to pests and diseases? Just like in people, a suppressed immune system leaves your trees open to infection or infestation. Just like in people, prevention is always preferred to treatment. Getting your trees healthy and vigorous is the best way to fend off health problem.

Diseases of Cypress Tree Species

Curious about your Italian Cypress trees? Texas A&M Argilife Extension Services has issued a new publication on diseases of Italian Cypress and Related Species in Texas.

Are Your Trees a Hazard?

Know the signs of tree damage before it's too late!

Texas Red Oak: A Native Favorite

We really need our shade trees here in North Texas. More importantly, we need to choose the right shade trees. Not all trees are well suited to our soils and climate, even if they seem to be popular choices.

Live Oak Leaf Drop

While there are a number of problems that can cause leaf drop in Live Oaks, this time of year you’re most likely seeing a normal senescing, or dying off, of last year’s foliage. As temperatures begin to rise in late January through February, your Live Oaks can begin to look sickly or stressed. Leaves begin to yellow and may have brown or black blotches. They will often discolor very quickly and begin to drop en masse.