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Feed Your Trees!

Did you know that now is the time to schedule your spring tree fertilizations? It can be easy to forget that our urban trees need special care. Large established trees can seem self-sufficient, but even they need a helping hand.

Preservation Tree Services & Texas Worm Ranch Go Great Together!

We are proud to announce that our Seasons Program’s spring application will now contain Texas Worm Ranch’s organic worm compost. We will incorporate it into our own, local homemade liquid compost extract.

Hungry Trees: When should you fertilize?

March 1st is the start of our spring fertilization treatments. Ready to get your trees in shape for summer? Spring fertilization is a great place to start.

What to Expect from Your Ice Damaged Trees this Spring

Be Patient with Your Trees. They are Healing from Winter Storm Damage. You should wait to further prune large privacy shrubs and some trees that experienced heavy weight from the ice storm.

How to Prep Your Trees for Winter

What can you do now to help prevent damage to your trees and your property during ice, rain and wind? Read on for tips on keeping your investments, such as your landscape and home, safer during this winter's storm season.

Tree Tips: Winter Tree Care

Winter can often be a treacherous time for our urban trees. Because we fluctuate so quickly between warm and icy weather, our trees can really take a beating. The last ice storm was a wake up call for a lot of homeowners about the need for regular care and quality tree pruning, before an emergency situation happens. Here are a few things to keep in mind as we officially head into winter today:

Are your trees hungry? Fall is time to feed!

Feed your trees, and the soil, this fall for stronger trees through winter.

Time to Feed Your Soil

As part of our Seasons Program, we'll be visitng homes this time of year for the late-fall/early winter application of liquid compost extract to the soil around your trees. While it may seem like it's too cold for us to apply liquid compost, it's actually a good time!

Warm Winter Weather = Spring Pest Explosion!

What you can do now to protect your trees this spring.

Plan now for January Tree Care

Have you signed up for our bi-weekly e-newsletter? If so, then you already know that even though we are more than a month away from the New Year, now is the time to schedule your January oak tree pruning.