We are very pleased with the work and the work crew was great! Very Professional and friendly. ”- Daniel S.


Thank you so much. Your guys did a great job and were very polite and nice. And thank you for adding the Cherry Laurel at the last minute. Really appreciated it. ”- Leslie C.

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The Pitfalls of Poor Planting: Did You Accidentally Kill Your Tree?

Proper planting is the key to a tree's great start!

Tree Tips: Winter Tree Care

Winter can often be a treacherous time for our urban trees. Because we fluctuate so quickly between warm and icy weather, our trees can really take a beating. The last ice storm was a wake up call for a lot of homeowners about the need for regular care and quality tree pruning, before an emergency situation happens. Here are a few things to keep in mind as we officially head into winter today:

Create Privacy with Just-Right Trees & Shrubs

Create a quieter, more beautiful view with the right plants.

Fall is for Planting and Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

We’ve told you why fall is a great time for planting new trees and shrubs here, but did you know that now is still a good time transplant trees and shrubs? Once all this ice is gone of course!

Can My Neighbor Take Fruit From My Trees?

​It’s fruiting season for many of the fruit trees we grow here in North Texas. With that comes the temptation for passersby and neighbors to swipe the fruit right from your tree. But, what really does the law say about this?

C’mon, show us your flare! Why tree root flares should be exposed.

Some tree health concerns aren’t obvious, while others could be staring you right in the face. One of the biggest contributors to tree decline is a simple one; your tree was planted too deep. Or, too much soil or mulch has been moved up against the base of your tree. If you can’t see your tree’s root flare, your tree could be in trouble.

Trees as Gifts? Yes, please!

Gifts for family members or close friends don't always have to involve a trip to the mall. If you want to give a gift that really keeps on giving, how about a tree?

Tree Planting on a Grand Scale

Some of our tree planting jobs call for heavy equipment, road closures and cranes.

Ready to plant a new tree? How to choose the right tree.

Did you know that winter is a great time to plant trees here in Texas? Because our soils don’t freeze here in the DFW area, we can plant trees all winter long. With our extremely hot and dry summers, it’s always best to plant new trees well before the onset of summer. The more time you can give your new tree to acclimate and put down some new roots, the better. Now is a great time to get planting.

Attract Orioles to Your Garden

One of the reasons we plant trees and continue to keep them in top shape is because they support our local wildlife habitat. Without the singing of birds or surprise of a butterfly, the landscape would more than lacking. With the right plant choices and care, our gardens come alive with the wildlife they attract, including an abundance of bird varieties.