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Celebrate Fall Arbor Day: Plant a Tree!

Fall…it’s almost here…can you feel it? Fall is a great time to lounge and entertain outdoors in Texas. The nights cool down, rainfall increases and we can look forward to starting a fire in the chiminea. Looking for more shade on back patio? You’re in luck…fall is the very best time to plant new trees.

In 2013, the Texas A&M Forest Service moved Texas Arbor Day to the first Friday of November. Celebrate with us by planting a tree! Traditionally, Texas Arbor Day was celebrated in spring. National Arbor Day is still celebrated in spring. The problem is, when you plant new trees in spring in Texas, they face a big challenge getting through the heat and drought of summer. It’s best to wait until fall to plant trees.

Why plant in fall instead of spring?

There are roughly eight months between the beginning of fall and the start of our hot summer. Because our soil doesn’t freeze, you can plant fall through winter. When the night temperatures begin to cool off in September, that’s your signal that planting time has arrived. When you plant in fall, you’ll give your tree plenty of time to start putting down new roots before the onset of summer heat.

More rainfall means less irrigation is needed. People who plant new trees in spring often find themselves outside watering almost daily to try and help new trees to survive the summer. Establishing a new tree in these conditions can be challenging! Give your new trees the best chance of survival by planting this fall.

Ready to start planning for new trees? We can help choose the right tree for your space, then source, deliver and plant them. We can even plant at a school or office to commemorate a special date, employee or teacher. We use specialized methods to properly plant trees to give them the very best chance for success.

See how to properly plant a tree like an expert here.

Contact us here to start your tree planting.

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