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Commercial Property Tree Care

Commercial Tree Care

For commercial property owners, there are lots of responsibilities & maintenance to wrap your head around in the building itself – not to mention the surrounding property. The outdoor landscape & trees are not always a top priority, but should be.

Safety is the #1 Priority

The most important reason to have trees on a commercial property properly cared for is for safety purposes. It is a huge liability risk to have uncared for trees on commercial properties. Storms occur frequently in our area, and branches or trees failing could spell major issues such as damage to the buildings or cars, injury to people, or even death.

Trees should be inspected by a qualified, licensed arborist annually. During these inspections, ISA certified arborists can spot issues before they occur – they may point out a codominant trunk that is in danger of failing & recommend a course of action, like cabling and bracing. Or perhaps, they may note decay caused by disease or insects at the base of a tree that requires removal before the next big wind storm.


Codominant trunks can fail & cause property damage.


As a landscape grows & matures, plants can obstruct views and limit sight lines. It’s imperative to make sure entrances & exits from your commercial property are easy to navigate and free from obstruction. This is important both for cars and pedestrians.


Trees should be properly maintained to ensure that visitors have plenty of clearance when parking and exiting their vehicles. Typically, this involves trimming trees with an 8-15 foot clearance for normal sized vehicles. If the property houses larger vehicles, or has a feature such as a loading dock or delivery point, additional clearance will be necessary to avoid damage.

Furthermore, building clearance should also be taken into consideration. Trees planted too close to buildings can cause roof & building damage, causing costly repairs.


Trimming for proper clearance in parking spaces is a must.

Start with a good impression

A way to impress customers is to have a nice & well-maintained property. Proper tree care shows that you care about the property and choose to make it more beautiful for their benefit, as well as provide shade for visiting vehicles in the summer months. Beautiful & strong trees can be built by providing a fertilization regime, like our SEASONS program.

We know that as property managers, you have a lot on their plate, but if you can’t remember the last time you had your trees inspected or pruned by a professional tree care company, now’s the time. Contact us to schedule an annual or bi-annual tree inspection to prevent problems before they happen – and allow yourself to sleep easier at night.

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