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Construction Damage to Tree Roots

As a consequence of our growing urban population, there is an increase in the construction of new homes, and the expansion and renovation of existing homes. This is putting demands on our urban trees and landscapes in ways that are new and unique. In urban settings, new owners of urban residential property often completely remove existing houses to construct a new home. This usually affects the older trees growing on the property. Construction plans should take into consideration the valuable assets that exist in these trees. Preservation Tree Services is prepared to assist the property owner in providing for the proper protection of trees before, during, and after the construction phase.

Demolition-around-large-trees sm

See all this heavy material piled up around the base of the existing trees? This material creates intense compaction around the root zone of the tree, which greatly reduces the ability of the tree to properly take in oxygen, water and nutrients at the root zone.

Demolition-bad-for-root-zones sm

Add in lots of traffic from heavy machinery and construction workers and you not only have massive compression but extensive root damage. Often times, large percentages of a tree's root system are completely destroyed. This weakens the tree immensely. This damage often leads to tree death, not to mention damage to surrounding property if the weak tree falls.

Here at Preservation Tree, we think that it is necessary to consider taking a number of precautions for your trees when beginning a construction project. If you have an upcoming construction project an would like assistance protecting your valuable trees, you can read more about our Construction Mitigation services HERE.

Some of the trees on your lot are probably older than most of us. With directed care, they can continue to thrive as old friends, offering shade, beauty and value for generations to come.

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Posted: March 11, 2013