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Did you know your trees can get a sunburn? Even in winter!

Excessive pruning, or over thinning of a tree’s canopy can result in a multitude of problems in the long term. We often discuss the importance of hiring a qualified, trained certified arborist to prune and manage your trees. When an inexperienced tree care company prunes too much of your tree’s canopy, they could cause permanent and irreparable damage. It can also create a serious safety hazard by weakening your tree.

One of the common issues we see from excessive thinning is sunscald of the inner branch tissue. This is a common problem for thin barked trees such as Red Oaks and maples. When you prune too much of an established canopy away, it leaves shaded branches suddenly exposed to our hot Texas sun. But don’t assume sunscald can only happen in summer. Even winter pruned trees can succumb to sun scald.


How does it happen?

After over pruning of the overhead canopy, the sunlight destroys the cambium layer of the branch and decay sets in. Once the damaged tissue has progressed to extensive decay such as this, branches can break and fall. Unfortunately there is no real way to determine when compromised branches such as these are going to fail. If they are not not removed preventatively, they could become a high risk situation for your and your family. The winter storm season often downs many of these decaying branches.

The damage to this tree was so extensive, and the risk so high, that we made the decision to completely remove this tree from the homeowner’s property. If we hadn’t large branches or large sections of the tree could have caused major damage to their property or family members.

We hope when you are scheduling your tree pruning, you’ll choose a certified arborist. Even if you don’t choose Preservation Tree Services, please choose a qualified tree care company that can correctly identify these risky situations before they happen.

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