Thank you for the fine work on our Cedar Elms. All the mistletoe is gone and your crew left the yard so clean, you can’t even tell they were there. Thank you again. ”- Tom D.


Demi is amazing! Very knowledgeable and I actually learned more, so thank you for that gift. The pecan looks beautiful and I think she will be much happier now. PTS once again, knocked the ball out of the park! ”- Jennifer N.

Park Trees Need Special Attention

The Town of Highland Park is one the most beautiful communities in Dallas-Fort Worth. Their award-winning parks are full of large mature trees, gorgeous landscaping, and natural features like the renown Turtle Creek. Their parks provide residents and guests such enjoyable vistas and places to relax.

An important part of good park maintenance is making sure the established trees are healthy and save for all visitors. Urban trees require ongoing care, and it’s crucial to quickly identify hazard branches or dead material in trees to keep everyone safe.

Prather Park Popular Walkway With Mature Trees

These trees below in Highland Park’s Prather Park are located alongside a popular walkway that includes multiple benches. If you closely at the photo below, you’ll notice a dead tree hovering right over that bench! Our crews removed this dead tree and checked surrounding trees for any additional hazards.

Safety Pruning In Prather Park

Our crews work to remove deadwood and risky branches, especially important around walkways and seating areas.

Urban life can be tough on trees – they need special ongoing attention and care to stay healthy and safe for all to enjoy.

Wondering if your trees need a little TLC? Be sure to look up the next time you’re in your yard. You might be surprised to see cracked or dead branches you haven’t noticed before. Give us a call to evaluate your trees today!

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