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Don’t Skip Fall Fertilization for Healthy Trees & Landscape

Our Texas summers are harsh on your landscape. While driving around town, it is easy to spot signs of summer stress, like trees yellowing or dropping leaves early. Fall is the time of the year when your trees, lawns, and landscape plants need to recover from the intense heat and dry period. Good thing we’re getting some much needed rain!

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In order to keep your trees, shrubs, and lawn in tip-top shape we believe in well-timed year-round fertilization.

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Soils & City Life

Urban soils are easily robbed of necessary nutrients due to intense heat, foot traffic, construction equipment, and removal of organic matter – to name a few culprits.

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When you rake up all those fallen leaves and take them away from your yard, you’re losing a lot of natural organic matter that could help your trees.

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We need to give back to the soil to keep it healthy – so it can keep your trees healthy. To invigorate your soil, we use liquid bio-fertilizer that helps to boost beneficial fungi (mycorrhizae). The beneficial fungi helps improve soil texture and quality, which helps your trees and plants to better take up water and nutrients.

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Don’t just feed your trees. Feed your entire landscape throughout the year to achieve optimum results.

Fertilize with the SEASONS

As a part of our SEASONS program, we use root zone injections of biostimulants four times throughout the year for your trees. The timing of the applications is key, which is why they are spread throughout each season.

Our entire fertilization program is organic and we make our treatments locally here in the Dallas area. Synthetic fertilizers tend to provide immediate gratification – meaning your trees and lawn might green up faster – but these fertilizers can build up as excess toxic salts. Additionally, the run-off from many synthetic fertilizers end up in our water supply. Never a good thing.

Fall Fertilization

Fall applications of our bio-fertilizer help to replenish nutrients, rejuvenate heat stressed trees, and support fall root growth. Spring applications are timed to coincide with the push of new leaf growth, and help them green up. The same schedule holds true for your landscape shrubs and lawns – except we use a topical, granular application of fertilizer.

Boost Plant Immune Systems

It might seem like your big trees can take care of themselves…but urban environments are tough on your entire landscape. If you don’t feed your trees, shrubs, and lawn, regularly, they could simply starve to death. Strong, healthy plants are better equipped to fend off insects and diseases and strong trees are less likely to suffer breakage during storms. And we all know what storm season can be like here in Texas!

If you have noticed your trees and landscape are looking a bit worn out after the dogs days of summer, call in our experts to help. Learn more about how the SEASONS program can help restore and maintain a lush, healthy, and happy yard.

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