We weren’t home at the time of the service, but the communication about our injured tree was excellent as well as the treatment. Thank You. ”- Michele M.


Thanks…great work from the crew. APPRECIATED!! ”- Craig H.

Is Your Tree Dying? Could Be a Poor Planting Job!

Time and time again, we’re called out to assess trees that are in decline only to find that they had not been properly planted. If they had been planted the right way, the tree could have thrived. Most problems that we encounter with young trees are directly related to improper planting.

When a tree is planted, you must always remove the burlap, rope and any wire around the root ball of the tree. When these items are not removed, the tree will attempt to grow out of it, which obviously it can’t do. The trees we recently were called out to check on had heavy strapping left in place, which was holding the wire basket together around the root ball.


We’ve recently inspected many oaks that were planted the same way. Had we not been called out to remove the hindrances around the roots, these trees were destined for health problems; or even removal due to root girdling. Many people think the materials around the root ball will degrade away in the soil, but that is typically not the case.

Girdling is a condition you can avoid by having occasional basework performed on your established trees. We inspect the area around the base of the tree to identify any problems. We carefully remove any existing metal or twine leftover from improper planting, any groundcover that may be impeding proper trunk growth, and air-spade excess soil away from the trunk.

Looking to add a tree this year? Give us a call and we’ll not only properly plant your tree for you, we’ll help you choose the right specimen for your landscape.

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