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Fall is for Tree Planting!

Did you know that fall is the very best time to plant trees in Texas? We all tend to get caught up with landscape and garden activities in the spring. But with our 12-month growing season and mild winters, planting in fall gives your new trees the best chance at not only surviving, but also thriving.

To back up the concept that fall is the best planting time, the Texas A&M Forest Service has now moved Texas Arbor Day to the first Friday of each November. This year that falls on November 1st. The purpose of Arbor Day is to celebrate all that trees do for us by participating in tree plantings around the state. This is a great day to plant trees on school campuses, parks and of course your own landscape!

In case you’re wondering why fall is a better time to plant trees, let’s review some of the benefits. We have tough summers here in Texas. Heat is extreme and hot night temperatures contribute to trees losing more water than they can sometimes handle. Rainfall is scarce and most of us are under watering restrictions. Getting a new tree established with healthy new roots can be challenging in this environment. When you plant new trees in spring, you’ll have to work that much harder to keep trees watered and healthy through summer. Because our soils don’t freeze, you have the opportunity to plant trees from fall through winter, which gives them much more time to establish new roots before the onset of summer.

If you’d like to get some new shade trees established this fall, or plant a commemorative tree or trees for this year’s Arbor Day, give us a call. Here at Preservation Tree, we can source, deliver and properly plant your new trees. We use specialized methods to properly plant trees to give them the best chance for success. To see how the experts properly plant a tree, you can view our tree planting guide infographic HERE.

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