Absolutely superior service. Mathew did a great job supervising & the rest of the crew was polite & positive. They left the yard very clean after a long day’s work. The trees look great. Well done to the whole group & to your company. ”- Dave R.


The crew was professional, very tidy and honestly, mesmerizing to watch. Our trees look spectacular & we felt much more confident living below them. Thank you! ”- Merritt M.

Fall Tree color in DFW

Because of our weather here in the DFW area, good fall color is not always a guarantee. Rainfall needs to have been available through the year, the autumn days sunny and night temperatures cool in order to bring on the perfect show of fall color. If we get good fall color, it usually happens in November. But that’s only if we don’t have a freeze before the right weather conditions have occurred. Often, leaves are frost bitten and drop before we get to enjoy the color. But when weather conditions are right, Texas trees can be stunning in November.

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Chinese Pistache

Your best shot for great fall color is to plant species that give you the best chance of putting on a good show. Because fall is the best season for planting trees in our area, now is a great time to start planning for your new trees.

The showiest of all our oaks here in Texas are the Shumard Red Oak, Quercus schumardii, and the Texas Red Oak, Quercus texana. These are deciduous trees, meaning they will drop their leaves in late fall and put on new leaves the following spring. These oaks will reward you with deep red foliage in the fall.

Cedar elms, Ulmus crassifolia, which may not come to mind immediately as a good fall color tree, actually put on very showy uniform gold foliage in the fall.

Chinese Pistache, Pistacia chinensis, can often be one of the most colorful trees for the urban landscape. As foliage turns color in the fall, you’ll be rewarded with colors ranging from bright yellow to orange to dark red. These are good trees for smaller lots as they often reach a maximum height of 40-50 feet tall. Oaks and Cedar Elms are much larger, reaching heights of 60-80 feet. This tree has been designated as a Texas Superstar plant by Texas A&M.

Maples by far offer the best fall color, but not all maples perform well in the DFW area. The Bigtooth maple, Acer grandidentatum, grows particularly well in our heavy alkaline soils. If you’re willing to provide a bit of shade and extra moisture, Japanese Maples will also offer up stunning fall color.

Crapemyrtles, Lagerstroemia indica, can also have beautiful fall color, which is striking against their smooth architectural trunks. Foliage colors are a mix of yellows, orange and red.

Again, fall is for planting so now is the time to start thinking about upcoming tree planting needs. Here at Preservation Tree, we can source and properly plant trees in your landscape. Give us a call at 214-528-2266 or 817-581-4502 or contact us online.

Japanese Maple Maple Rill Arboretum

Japanese Maples at the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden

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