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Feed Your Trees Liquid Compost to Improve Health!

Serious summer heat is upon us and so you might be wondering what sort of tree maintenance activities can be performed now to improve the health of your trees. While times of high heat are not a good time to apply synthetic high Nitrogen fertilizers, there are organic products you can apply now to help mitigate heat stress and make nutrients more available in the soil. Here at Preservation Tree, we provide root zone injections and soil drenches for your trees through summer with liquid compost.

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What exactly is liquid compost? It contains high concentrations of nutrients, minerals and beneficial microbes. These beneficial microbes are the machines that break down organic matter in the soil, making it available for your trees to take up.

We drench the soil around your trees and landscape with the liquid compost. This will help provide much needed nutrients and minerals, plus stimulate the soil with beneficial microbes.

Trees that are healthy and vigorous are much better able to naturally fend off stress from heat, drought, disease and insect pressure. Also, a healthy tree is a strong tree, better able to resist damage from high winds and storms. Trees that suffer from heat and drought stress, plus nutrient deficiencies, become weak, brittle and dangerous.

If your trees haven’t been fertilized in a while, now would be a good time for a root zone injection and soil drench application of compost. Give us a call at 214.528.2266 or 817.581.4502 or CONTACT US online.

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