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Fertilize Seasonally if You Want Strong Trees

It is easy to take trees for granted, but in our harsh, urban environments, trees need to be fed in order to stay strong and healthy. Urban life is tough on our trees and our soils take plenty of abuse in the form of compaction and construction damage. Keeping trees healthy means putting life and nutrients back in the soil by fertilizing seasonally.

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In a natural forest setting, trees get many of their nutrients from the breakdown of other plant matter, such as fallen leaves. In cities, we bag up and haul off those important nutrients, resulting in a food shortage for your trees. Soil compaction, extreme temperatures, and inconsistent moisture also contribute to soil stress and nutrient deficiencies.

We believe a regular organic fertilizer program throughout the year is beneficial for your trees and the entire landscape. Our SEASONS program includes four applications of our liquid bio-fertilizer solution by means of sub-surface root injections. Our organic liquid bio-fertilizer includes the full range of Soil Food Web microorganisms, essential micronutrients, plus critical high carbon-based soil conditioning products-a must for our depleted urban soils.


Timing might be the most important factor to successful fertilizer applications which is why we space our visits to occur at optimal times of year. Our annual program delivers services and applications timed to take advantage of your trees’ natural cycles and seasonal patterns of growth, dormancy and re-growth, from spring through fall.

Spring fertilization is important because during this season your deciduous trees direct most of their energy to producing new foliage. Fall fertilizations deliver essential nutrients to the trees’ roots, during the period when much of the annual root growth is taking place. Also, fall feedings help to rejuvenate your summer heat stressed trees. Summer and winter treatments help boost tree vigor during extreme temperatures and weather.

Our organic fertilizer treatments also help rebuild networks of beneficial fungi called mycorrhizae in the soil. This important fungi aids tree roots in the uptake of nutrients and water, detoxifies the soil, and helps break down organic matter so their nutrients are more available to your plants.


Another important benefit to our annual SEASONS program is the annual inspection from one of our certified arborists to evaluate your tree health. Healthy and properly pruned trees are able to weather storms better and stand up to pests and diseases.

Fertilizing your trees is a vital step in their continued longevity in your landscape. Contact us for a consultation to learn how to give to your trees some TLC, so they will give back to you for many years to come.

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