I cannot reiterate the satisfaction of seeing steady, continuous progress throughout the course of the day. What else can I say…thorough, dedicated, cleanliness, professionals… ”- David L.


Thanks for getting your guys here last Thursday. They did a great job with the pruning! We’re very happy with how all the trees look! ”- Jon M.

Giving Back: Creating a Safe Environment at Mercy Street School

PTS staff recently volunteered time at Mercy Street School in West Dallas. Mercy Street School supports the community through teaching a new generation of leaders from the community to be the change of tomorrow. To create a safe environment in which to learn, our skilled climbers and tree care staff donated time and effort to take care of a lot of pruning and clean up so that their trees can be healthy and the property safe for all the staff and students. The property has many very large established trees that were much in need of proper pruning and care.


By cleaning up the property, we hope to not only help preserve their beautiful trees, but also give the kids a safe place to play and learn. When trees are neglected, especially on a property where there is a lot of traffic such as a school, it is important to properly prune and maintain trees so they don’t become a hazard. Falling limbs damage buildings and could harm passersby. Or even worse, one strong gust of wind could topple an entire tree, causing irreparable damage! Best to have trees checked and maintained prior to a storm!


We love supporting our Dallas community and schools!


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