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Grasshoppers Take a Swipe at City Plantings

Certified Arborist Getth Nelson recently visited one of our client’s home to inspect a row of ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ Hollies. Many of the leaves on the holly plants had ragged edges – something had clearly been chewing on them. But when Getth was present, there were no suspicious insect culprits in sight. After consulting with the rest of the arborists at Preservation Tree, the consensus was in: grasshoppers were at work.

If you see unusual pest activity or damage on your trees and shrubs, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can evaluate the situation. If need be, we can then formulate an action plan and take care of the problem.

Leaf Damage Close Up From Grasshoppers

As the City Bugs article here details, grasshoppers sometime converge in large numbers in city settings. In the table that follows the article, ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ hollies are placed in the “preferred” column of grasshopper food preferences. Although as the author cautions, this…”list should be used with caution, understanding that different results may be obtained under differing conditions with different grasshopper species.” For more information on this particular critter, you can also contact your county extension office.

Grasshopper Damage To Yaupon Leaves

Grasshoppers damage on Holly leaves

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