The crew did such a good job, I want to give them kudos. They were very clean cut & polite-it was very refreshing. I will pass your name on as it was just a really great experience. ”- Frederick R.


I have been very pleased with the people you have sent out to take care of our trees. Very professional, courteous and readily answered any questions I had. You have a great team & I look forward to the upcoming pruning of my trees. ”- Mark H.

Join Us in the Green-Up North Texas Tree Planting Program and Help Celebrate Texas Arbor Day

We are so happy to be joining with the Texas Trees Foundation in their effort to to encourage North Texans to plant more trees. Their Tree North Texas initiative strives to achieve a 5% increase in urban tree cover. More trees planted means an uptick in public health, enhancements to the local economies and improvements to the region’s livability factor.

New Shoot Growth

New shoot growth

What do North Texas urban trees do for North Texas*?

In Dallas alone:

Urban trees remove 3,000 pounds of air pollution per year

Urban trees reduce 115,000 tons of atmospheric carbon per year, a savings of $8 million/year

Urban trees reduce building energy costs by $9 million per year

Urban trees reduce 450 million gallons of stormwater run-off, saving $4 million/year

*data source: 2015 State of the Dallas Urban Forest report-TTF

Proper Mulching After Planting Is Key

Proper mulching after planting is key.

Planting package – how it works

If you are interested in a new tree planting, contact Preservation Tree and we will schedule a visit with an arborist. They will scope out your proposed planting site, discuss the types of trees appropriate for your site’s conditions, and provide you with an estimate. Perhaps a 30-gallon Japanese Maple would be just right in your landscape as an understory tree. Or maybe you want shade to help out with your utility bills and therefore a larger tree, like a 65-gallon Chinquapin Oak, might be what you are looking for.

The planting package includes the tree we will source for you, delivery, planting, top dressing with mulch, and a one-time one year guarantee. Final pricing may vary by site conditions.

And what better time than right now! Texas Arbor Day arrives on Friday, November 3 this year. The designated Texas city for this year’s celebration is none other than Grand Prairie. The Texas Forest Service organizes a party each year, in a different city or town, to highlight the importance of planting trees.

For all the details and to get the ball rolling on your tree planting, contact Preservation Tree to set up your site visit with a PTS arborist.

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