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Scott does such a great job on his proposals. I enjoy talking to him & appreciate his input on my trees. ”- Bob C.

A Bald Cypress Success Story

A little over three years ago, a new employee, Getth Nelson, joined our PTS team. At the time, he’d been an ISA Certified Arborist for a couple of years with prior experience in the landscaping and landscape design fields. A recent visit to a familiar job site brought about some reminiscing.

Bald Cypress With Three Year History Gtn

Replanted Bald Cypress in water (as intended) is thriving.

“On my first solo project for Preservation Tree, we replanted a small Bald Cypress tree. It had been planted about six feet from the house by someone else,” said Getth. “I suggested we move the tree down to the bank of a man-made pond on the property. This was in 2015, so we had to plant the tree 40 feet away from the water’s edge because with the drought, the pond was very low.”

Since then, the tree’s location has had lots of welcome rain and Getth is happy to report the tree has tripled in size and is well established in the water, as intended. And right along with the tree, Getth has grown into a powerhouse of a team player, gathering accolades from his clients and we suspect, from the trees, too!

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