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The guys did a fantastic job with the tree removals. I couldn’t believe how clean the area was & it was like the 2 huge trees were never there! Thank you to the crew, Michael & Daniel for making sure everything went smoothly. ”- Jubilee P.

City of Plano Identifies Large Hazard Tree

Sometimes, an individual tree’s benefits are outweighed by the harzards it harbors. Tree hazards could be due to disease, poor structure, and even improper planting. Here’s a report of just such a scenario from our Micah Pace detailing his recent work with the City of Plano to remove such a hazard tree:

“This large 45” DBH [two] co-dominant trunk American elm (Ulmus americana) that has been growing only inches from a city hike/bike trail has begun serious decline as a result of limited rooting/growing space and the subsequent internal damage caused by conflict with both hardscape and iron fencing,” said Micah. “Large scaffold limbs have already begun to fail.”

Out Of Focus Tree

The City of Plano had already removed sections of fence and so it was now safe to proceed with the tree removal. Micah added that it was a nice job on the city’s part in identifying the heightened risk this tree posed.

Preservation Tree would like to remind all our great clients to look up to something beautiful, but be safe doing so!

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Co Dom Trunk Pushing Up Sidewalk

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