Preservation Tree Services trimmed and pruned our trees in the Courtyard that were overgrown and needed attention. They did a great job! Thank You. ”- Gary B.


Horacio and crew did an excellent job in taking down the dead elm. ”- Denise K.

Hazardous Tree Removed from Plano’s Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve

Micah Pace, Director of Preservation Tree, The Consulting Group (PTCG), recently helped orchestrate the safe removal of a large Pecan tree in one of Plano’s signature parks. He fills in the details here:

Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve is the City of Plano’s largest park. It encompasses approximately 800 acres and extends from Parker Road on the south to Chaparral Road on the north and from Spring Creek Parkway on the west to Los Rios Boulevard on the east. The park offers 3.5 miles of concrete trails and 5 miles of forested trails located along Rowlett Creek. It is clearly a gem nestled in the crown of one of the Metroplex’s largest suburban cities. As an approved contractor for the city, Preservation Tree is proud to have helped advance professional tree management in Plano over the last four years. Preservation Tree has conducted pruning and removal of dangerous trees along major avenues such as Preston Road, Parkwood Boulevard, Alma Drive, and Shiloh Road, as well as, in important community locations such as Highpoint Tennis Facility, Oak Point Community Center, and numerous parks and libraries.

1 70 Ft Pecan To Remove

Tree assessment determines Pecan poses risk to trail users.

On Monday Jan 15th, Preservation Tree Services conducted an important removal of a 150+ year-old Pecan that posed a heightened risk to visitors of the nature preserve and users of a newly constructed boardwalk. The mature tree with a diameter of nearly 40 inches and total height of 70 feet was carefully removed to avoid any conflict with infrastructure or the public. Large, heavy sections were surgically secured, removed, and lowered using a system of advanced roping so each and every piece was brought to the ground under total control. Leo Sanchez,a Preservation tree care foreman, focused on safety and efficiency, and executed the removal plan perfectly. – Micah Pace

Advanced Roping To Remove Tree In Sections

Advanced roping system is used to allow for safe removal and lowering of heavy trunk sections.

While Preservation Tree loves the opportunity to help communities protect and preserve trees, we understand the importance of safety and risk reduction, too. Need help assessing the safety of your trees? Want to protect and preserve valued trees on your property? Contact Preservation Tree, the Consulting Group for a professional consultation today.

Final Large Cavity Showing Decay Of Hazard Tree

The large cavity of decay observable in the cut sections of the trunk ultimately justifies the decision for removal.

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