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Healing the Trees Affected by the Ice Storm of 2013

Remember that big ice storm last December? How could you forget! Many of our urban trees were severely damaged, including this gorgeous red oak. Sadly, many of these beautiful established trees could have escaped such damage if they’d been properly maintained.

This tree had been improperly pruned last fall. The “tree care faker” who pruned it stripped all the center branches and removed none of the heavier external branches or unnecessary limbs. You can see how bare the inner branches are in the photo above and how the outer limbs are weighted down by ice. Unskilled tree companies will often do this in an effort to “thin” the tree to let in more sunlight for lawns…or for no reason at all other than they don’t know what they are doing.

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With the onset of spring, the owners discovered some serious damage in the tree. Very large branches had split down the middle, creating a very dangerous situation. Weak branches can eventually split like the one seen here or fall off completely, harming property or worse, someone you love. In the photo, you can see our staff carefully bolting some of the large branches together in order to give them a chance to heal. Some of the branches had to be removed competely.

In a previous post, we talked about keeping an eye on trees as they begin to leaf out. You may begin to notice the damage your trees have sustained this past winter as that process progresses. We hope that by seeing trees like this red oak, Dallas and Fort Worth residents will understand the importance of proper preventative pruning. If you see splitting branches or notice anything unusual about your beloved trees, please contact us here.

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