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How Cabling & Bracing Can Protect Trees from Storm Damage

Can you recognize co-dominant tree trunks? In the photo below, you’ll see several large “main trunks” of equal size meeting in the middle, but each vying for control. As each trunk grows larger and heavier, they can pull apart, splitting your tree right down the middle when a heavy storm comes through.


This massive tree has four trunks holding it together, but it probably won’t be for long without some help from a certified arborist. .

Couple co-dominant trunks with poor pruning and thinning that leaves excess weight at the ends of tree branches, and you have a real recipe for big damage.

No one wants to lose a large, beautiful, and long-established tree. But there’s no stopping the extreme weather we have here in North Texas; heavy rains, flooding, soil compaction, extreme heat, and high winds make life hard on our urban trees. While we can’t control the weather, we can employ cabling and bracing techniques that can support your large trees to save both branches, and the entire tree, during big storms.


Bolts used to hold the threaded cable through this co-dominant tree trunk.

What is cabling?

To keep trunks or large branches intact during heavy rain, wind or ice, a flexible steel cable is placed between two trunks or between branches. This limits movement and stress on branches or crotches, the place where large branches or trunks meet.

What is bracing?

To limit excessive limb motion and to reduce stress on branches, a threaded rod is bolted or threaded through these branches to secure weak or split crotches, unite split trunks or branches and hold rubbing limbs together or apart.

You get what you pay for.

When hiring a tree care company to protect your home from large trees, don’t entrust this special work to just a guy with a truck and a chainsaw. Our certified Arborists will always assess the tree to be sure special support is worth your time, effort and money in order to save the tree.

By investing in your tree’s health before a storm, you could save yourself thousands of dollars in property damage. Plus, you’ll save yourself the heartache of losing, then having to replace, a large, established tree that adds value to your property, shades your home and improves the aesthetics of your landscape.

Our cabling and bracing products are approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), meaning they are tested as some of the best products available.

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