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How Drought Now Will Hurt Your Trees For Years to Come

Drought stress has a big impact on our urban trees. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that our trees are going to get a break from drought any time soon. The effects of drought stress will continue to increase over the next few years and will have a compounding effect on the overall health of our urban forest. September 2014 was officially one of the driest we’ve had in years. Did you water your trees? If you’ve planted new trees in the past year or so, then supplemental watering in drier, hotter periods is recommended. Proper watering is one of the absolute most important things you can do to keep trees strong and vigorous so they can better defend against pests and disease.

What are some of the continued complications drought stressed trees might have?

  • Feeder root loss
  • Scorching of foliage late in season
  • Added vulnerability to pest and disease
  • Increase in branch failure as a result of tissue becoming brittle
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Here we have a young Magnolia tree suffering from lack of water.
It went through a big part of summer with no supplemental irrigation.
As you can see, the top leaves of the tree are brown and crispy. A
tell-tale sign of a thirsty tree!

Fortunately, one of our certified arborists, Billy
Cook, was able to inspect the tree and have the owner increase its water
before all of the top growth died. In only a few weeks the tree has
begun to generate new growth throughout the canopy.

that the fall season has arrived, this tree would benefit greatly from
fertilization to aid it in producing the new leaf growth. Our SEASONS Program
offers year-round fertilization that not only encourages vigorous plant
growth but also arms your trees with biological defenses to ward off
insects better disease tolerance. Our SEASONS program is customized to
the particular needs of your trees and landscape. It also brings our
staff to your property on a regular basis, so potential problems are
identified before they intensify or worsen.

Ready to start your trees on a program to great health and possibly reverse the effects of drought? Give us a call!

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