Steve is wonderful to work with. We’ve used many tree services in the past, but once we met Preservation Tree several years ago after hearing your ad on WRR, we wouldn’t use anyone else. ”- Joyce T.


Thank you so much for the beautiful job you & your crew did on my yard yesterday. The Pistache & Crape Myrtle are so much better & I really appreciate the removal of the dead shrubs. The oaks are lighter & happier. ”- Jim & Martha Z.

Hungry Trees: When should you fertilize?

When was the last time you had your trees fertilized? If you don’t remember, then your tree could be starving. Trees, like all living things, need nutrients to survive and thrive. Fertilizing trees at the right times through the year gives them the energy to grow, produce beautiful foliage, blooms or fruit, and also gives them the strength to better tolerate pests and diseases. Not to mention, stand up to all that crazy North Texas wind.

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Feeding trees in spring helps them stand up to our extreme summer heat and drought, especially in our harsh urban environment. Healthy trees that are sturdy and structurally sound can better stand up to our extreme storms, which can quickly topple weak trees. Directly fertilizing your trees can be helpful; but long term it’s healthy soil that will help you keep your trees strong. So by feeding the soil you’re in turn feeding your trees. Organic soil treatments are a big benefit of our unique SEASONS fertilization program.

What’s the harm in not feeding your trees?

Starving trees can become a hazard. Trees weakened by neglect or
improper care can become a danger to you and your property, especially
if a strong storm rolls through. Without the right nutrients, trees can
become brittle, causing them to lose large heavy branches or topple over
when you least expect it. To avoid such a hazardous situation, put your
trees on a seasonal care plan.

March 1st is the start of our spring fertilization treatments. If you are on our Eco-friendly SEASONS program,
then your trees will get a visit from us in the next month or so
depending on your custom schedule. Ready to get your trees in shape for
summer? Spring fertilization is a great place to start.

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