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Is your tree rotting away right under your nose?

Sometimes our trees are trying to tell us something, but we may not be listening. Signs of decay in large trees often go unnoticed until it’s too late.


Take a look at this photo. Does anything look familiar? We often see decay in trees that has been spreading for years. The decay could be due to improper watering, physical damage, fungal disease or lack of nutrition. If you see decay like this on your tree, what should you do about it? Does the tree need to be removed or is there something that can be done to heal it?

What causes tree decay?

Most decay is caused by physical damage and fungal disease, and in most cases, there is no cure. Once the decay begins to affect new wood, it is difficult to treat, and the affected wood will not heal. Catching fungal issues early is your best defense. If the decay shows up on the trunk of the tree, a diagnosis can be assessed immediately and then the tree can be treated or removed. If decay is in a large branch, the branch can be removed to avoid causing damage to property and keep the fungal disease from spreading to other branches or other trees.

If the decay is in the center of the tree, you may never know it until the tree falls. This is why we highly recommend annual tree inspections. When decay develops in the center of the trunk, new growth often forms over the decaying tissue, creating the visual effect of a healthy tree. Only a certified arborist can detect a true problem with your tree that might not be seen by the untrained eye. If the “heart” of the tree trunk is hollow, then removing the tree is your best option. All it takes is one large gust of wind to topple such a weakened tree.


After a Root Flare Excavation was performed, it was found that there was extensive decay between the roots of the tree in the photo below. Removing the tree could be the safest option.


With our unpredictable storm seasons, keeping trees in good health will keep your property and family safe. Schedule your tree inspection prior to the next big storm!

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