Very happy and thrilled with the services over the years, but am moving away. Will be passing info on PTS to the new home owners. ”- Jerry P.


Just a note to say your (Scott’s) team did a great job on the trees, cleaning up and protecting the tramp! Trees look great. Thanks again! ”- Justin C.

Let’s Give Thanks for Trees

This season there are many things to be thankful for: Our family, friends, wonderful staff, and especially our loyal clients who make our jobs here at Preservation Tree not only possible, but also a joy. We feel so very fortunate that we are able to turn a passion for caring for trees into a way to also care for families and community.

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  • Trees provide beauty in our landscapes and our urban environment. Without trees lining our city streets, planted along our highways or seen around our work buildings, we’d feel the loss of such beauty.Â
  • We’re able to relax outdoors in spring and summer with some much needed shade.
  • Trees also cool our homes here in North Texas during those times in summer we need you most by offering shade that reduces the need for air conditioning up to 30 percent
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  • Trees produce the oxygen we breathe, plus our air is cleaner because of the toxins trees absorb through their leaves, including Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide. Â
  • Trees prevent soil erosion and help mitigate runoff and flood water.
  • Trees provide habitat and shelter for the birds we love. And, when the right blooming trees are planted, you provide nectar and pollen for the butterflies and bees.Â
  • Blooming and fruiting tree varieties not only provide a beautiful natural focal point in our landscape, they also feed us!We’re sure you have plenty of other reasons to be thankful for the trees on your property and around your community.Â
  • Now through winter is an excellent time to plant and establish new trees. If you need a special way to say “Thank You” to someone in your life, why not a new tree?

From all of us at Preservation Tree Services, we hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday.

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