Thanks for taking care of our trees. ”- Betsy M.


I cannot reiterate the satisfaction of seeing steady, continuous progress throughout the course of the day. What else can I say…thorough, dedicated, cleanliness, professionals… ”- David L.

Look up…Screech Owls!

We’re so busy with our daily routines that sometimes we forget to just stop and look at the beauty around us. If we did, and also looked up into our beloved trees, we might see amazing creatures such as the screech owl. These small owls, only about 10” tall can sometimes be seen at dusk. They are often tucked into the nooks and crannies of tree branches hunting for small rodents, snakes, insects and even other birds. Listen closely at night and you could possibly hear their call, which does not resemble a screech but more of a whistling, descending trill. The screech owl has adapted nicely to the suburban sprawl of the Dallas area which offers them access to plenty of food and water, plus less predators, especially around the White Rock Lake area.


The added benefit of wildlife in our area continues to be one of the motivations for keeping our trees healthy and safe. Have you seen any owls in your area? If so, we’d love to see pictures posted to our Facebook page.

Listen to the screech owl call

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