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Maintaining Trees Around Your Commercial Property

When you manage a business you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. Keeping up your outdoor landscape often isn’t at the top of your list of priorities, which is understandable. However, a well-maintained property leaves a good impression on your customers. Healthy trees that shade your building, cars and make your property more beautiful are a key part of good commercial property maintenance. But it’s not just about aesthetics; trees that haven’t been maintained and pruned properly can pose serious hazard risks to you and your visitors.

Why should keeping trees maintained on your commercial property be a priority? Here’s why:

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Improving the visibility in parking areas keeps staff, clients and cars safe.

Safety & visibility

Beyond looking good, making sure your trees are not a hazard is very important. Having your trees checked by a Certified Arborist can help prevent falling branches that can damage your property, your client’s property, or even cause personal injury. A tree branch falling on a client’s car during a blustery day is probably not the best way to impress or keep that client. Having trees inspected at least on an annual basis can help prevent problems before they occur. Regular upkeep and skilled pruning will help your trees stand up to strong storms.

As your landscape grows and evolves, trees can grow in a manner that cause important sight lines to become obstructed. Too often large trees are planted too closely to buildings, which can result in building and roof damage. Trees planted under or too close to powerlines will end up requiring potentially destructive pruning. Trees not cared for, in terms of fertilization and good pruning, can often fall victim to pest and disease problems.

Parking & large vehicles

Make sure that your clients have somewhere safe to park with adequate clearance for their vehicles. Trees in the parking lot should be trimmed so your clients have plenty of clearance. Typically trimming trees with about 8-15-feet clearance is adequate for normal sized vehicles. Another area to consider is your loading or dock area along with the pathways to those areas. Make sure trees are not in the way of large delivery vehicles to avoid damage. Having signs clearly stating the direction of which these vehicles should proceed or park will help prevent damage as well.

If you can’t remember the last time you had your trees inspected or pruned by a professional tree care company, now’s the time. You can take some of the worry off of your plate by scheduling an annual or bi-annual tree inspection to prevent problems before they happen.

Take note that if you have oak trees on your property, the time to prune them is July 1st through about mid-February, depending on temperatures. Pruning them in spring leaves them vulnerable to oak wilt disease.

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