Scott and his team have done great work and offered objective counsel for the health and appeal of my yard. Great team to have on your side! ”- Jason P.


The crew did such a good job, I want to give them kudos. They were very clean cut & polite-it was very refreshing. I will pass your name on as it was just a really great experience. ”- Frederick R.

Vermicomposting Clinic

Working with nature, instead of against it, is one of the best ways to support a healthy landscape. Trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers all get a healthy boost when you incorporate compost into the soil. Skipping the chemical fertilizers also benefits soil microbes, earthworms, pollinators, and other wildlife.

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Once again, Preservation Tree is helping to host and lead an in-depth workshop on vermicomposting with our friends at Texas Worm Ranch. Also sponsoring the workshop is Barking Cat Farms, Microbes in my Soil, and Haydon Horticulture. The master class is set for August 10 and 11 at Texas Worm Ranch and Texas Discovery Gardens in Dallas. To learn more and register, visit Texas Worm Ranch.

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