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More Flare Please!

As we visit properties throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, we regularly come across trees that have been improperly planted. In the case shown below, the tree was planted too deep. As it grew, the root flare became buried, ultimately causing the roots to gridle. Girdling roots can negatively affect the canopy development and proper branch growth. The tree will then begin to decline or ultimately die.

The entire reason we plant trees is so that we can enjoy them for many years. It’s heart breaking to lose a tree too early, simply because it wasn’t planted properly. We can’t stress enough the importance of properly planting trees so that they thrive.

Root Flare Copy

This is a properly exposed root flare.

There is good airflow and roots have room to grow. Also,
there is less chance of decay at the base of the tree. If your tree
looks like a telephone pole coming out of the ground, we highly suggest
having root flare exposure done and aerating the soil around the base of the tree.

planting a new tree, you must always remove any wires, rope or burlap
that are wrapped around the root ball. If you don’t, major damage to the
tree can follow. Planting your tree at the proper depth will help keep
the root flare exposed and healthy. Then, good maintenance and care over
the tree’s life will keep it beautiful and healthy; and you happy!

you think your tree may have been planted too deeply, or there is
another problem with the root flare, give us a call and one of our
certified arborists can take a look at your tree.

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