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New to Texas? Alternatives to Evergreen Conifers & Deciduous Magnolias.

We understand how difficult it can be to adjust to a new area of the country. There’s a lot to get accustomed to in the Dallas area, including a hot, humid climate and heavy clay soils. When making improvements to your new landscape, you might attempt to rely on some of the plants from where you lived before.

The plant you have become accustomed to:

Deciduous Magnolias, such as star and saucer magnolias,are a plant
you see everywhere in other parts of the country.
This beautiful
flowering tree is occasionally available from specialty garden centers
during their bloom period. While they can be beautiful, these types of
magnolias can struggle in our climate and soils and may not be
long-lasting. Planting them in a part-shade spot that gives them a break
from our scorching afternoon sun helps them sustain better here.

Pts Saucermag

Replace that plant with:

Redbuds are a familiar spring blooming native that has no trouble with our climate particulars. To really get into the Texas spirit, Eve’s necklace is a lovely native with pink and white spring flowers, small compound leaves and black seeds hanging in a line that resembles a string of beads.

Pts Redbud

Plant you have become accustomed to:

Evergreen conifers create a specific look that few other plants can deliver, but the conifers you might be accustomed to struggle here in the Lone Star State. Blue spruce is a regular request that is not the best option to thrive in these parts. However, blue spruce doesn’t take to our heat and soils very well.

Replace that Plant With:

If you crave evergreen blue foliage, Arizona Cypress offers the wonderful contrasting effect of the blue foliage, try, which has icy blue foliage with a ferny texture. Blue Atlas Cedar grows slowly, but eventually gets quite large. Blue Point Juniper is smaller and has a strong vertical habit for tighter spaces. These varieties are better suited to our area.

Knowing that you’re experiencing many changes after a cross-country move, we are always willing to listen to your ideas about what you’re interested in growing. Finding great options for a thriving landscape is an essential part of your enjoyment of your new surroundings. We are happy to work with you to plan your environment to feel like home.

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