Thank you so much. The trees got a hard cut, which they needed. Great cleanup to your staff – Bravo. Very Happy! ”- Gregory S.


You guys do amazing work every time and I have recommended you to other neighbors. ”- Jorge G.

Not Your Everyday Removal in McKinney

Recently, Certified Arborist and Urban Forester, Micah Pace, was called upon to assess and remove three trees that a home was built around 35 years ago. The family fell in love with this McKinney, Texas property because of the large cedar elms that filled the neighborhood. Instead of removing the trees to make room for the home, the family hired an architect to build the home around the trees (THAT’s dedication!). They knew they’d eventually have to remove the trees due to construction and environmental damage, but they just couldn’t bear to part with them at the time of the home build.

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Visiting and assessing the home

Upon arrival at the home, Micah quickly realized this was no ordinary removal job. There were two cedar elms and one bois d’arc tree. One tree was resting against the roof of the back patio, while the other two were growing inside small courtyards roughly 6- x 8-ft each, built to encompass them, complete with windows and doors accessible from inside the house. All three trees were suffering from soil compaction, construction damage, improper irrigation, and a host of other issues. One of the elms had a long vertical crack on the backside of the trunk and a 12-inch cavity that was once home to a family of raccoons. These trees were not only a safety hazard, but had already caused thousands of dollars in damage to the home’s water pipes, roof, foundation and sewer lines.

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The need to remove the trees was obvious. But, their relatively large sizes, the unique design of their growing space, and their close proximity to the house itself would require the use of a crane to safely lift and carry the cut material up through the roof and away from the house.

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Removing the trees…carefully

Before we even began to remove this tree, we had a pre-job safety meeting that included the crane operator and his signal caller, to ensure everyone was clear on the goals and steps for a safe job.

First, we began with the removal of the large cedar elm in the center of the home. The tree’s canopy was sectioned out making the pre-selected picks accounting for weight and balance. The material was then lifted and placed in the street next to the chipper where crew members were ready to cut and chip the small diameter material. Large diameter branch and trunk material were lifted and placed onto a trailer stationed directly by the crane. This process was then continued for each of the three remaining trees.

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The remaining lower trunks of the tree proved the most difficult to remove due to the constricted space. They were were securely tied-off and lifted out very slowly while the signal caller, using a 2-way radio from inside the interior rooms, communicated directional commands to the crane operator outside in the front of the house. This was definitely a team effort!

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The remaining stumps were cut as low to the ground as possible. However, the homeowner, not quite ready to let go of his beloved trees, requested that a two foot tall stump be left outside the kitchen window. After an 8-hr day the three trees were completely removed, the site was completely cleaned, the equipment loaded and stored.

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For this sort of precise and dangerous job, only a team of trained tree professionals can be trusted to do the job right and not damage your home. When choosing a company for tree removal, always look for certifications such as Tree Care Industry Association or International Society of Arboriculture.

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