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Oak Wilt: When Should You Prune Your Oak Trees?

Wonder why tree pros often try to discourage you from pruning oak trees in spring in Texas? We’re trying to stem the spread of Oak Wilt. Pruning oak trees from February to mid-June can increase your oak trees’ exposure to infection by fungus that causes Oak Wilt. The beetles that spread the fungus are most active in spring – and fresh pruning cuts attract those beetles. When we can, we try to reserve oak tree pruning to July through the end of January.


Oak Wilt spreads in the spring

When are trees infected?

Technically speaking, oak wilt infection can occur anytime throughout the year. Oak wilt can spread at any time through root grafts (where the roots of one tree mingle and bond with those of a nearby tree). That means it’s important to know if a neighbor’s tree is infected. If your neighbor’s tree has oak wilt, there’s a big chance your tree will become infected and preventative measures should be taken.

That said, the spores of the fungus are present in spring, which makes it peak transmission season. Small bark-feeding beetles called Nitidulid beetles, spread the oak wilt fungus from tree to tree through open wounds.

Hazard pruning

There are times, however, when we need to prune your oaks in spring. Hazard branches that must be removed can’t wait for fall. Our Oak Wilt Qualified Specialists make sure that special precautions are taken when we must prune your oaks during oak wilt season. Our tools are always sterilized when moving from tree to tree and our arborists take great care to wound trees as little as possible. In addition, we use a special mixture to seal any wounds that are created by pruning.

Detection and Prevention

To stem the spread of oak wilt and save our valuable trees, be sure to let your arborist know right away if you see any unusual yellowing or leaf drop. While live oaks do shed their leaves naturally in early spring, if you notice yellowing of leaves spreading throughout the canopy and leaves quickly falling at other times of the year, you should be concerned.

If you live in an area with documented cases of oak wilt, or where disease pressure is extreme, we can treat your trees with a specialized preventative injection to help protect them from the disease.


Preventative treatment for Oak Wilt

Winter pruning

If you need to have your oak trees pruned, now is the best time – don’t wait until spring! Fall and winter are excellent times to prune oaks, as well as the rest of your trees. Winter is also a good time to have us remove any mistletoe that has infected your trees.

Oak wilt is a serious disease that can quickly kill large established oaks. While we don’t yet have a cure for oak wilt, there are ways to slow down its spread and protect your trees. If you’re concerned about your trees, schedule an arborist evaluation with an Oak Wilt Qualified arborist today.

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