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Live in Ft. Worth? Oak Wilt is Spreading!

One of the most devastating diseases in trees is Oak Wilt. Oak Wilt is a fungal disease caused by the fungus
Bretziella fagacearum. It spreads easily and swiftly from tree to tree through roots that touch one another and also sap feeding beetles that carry the fungus. If your neighbor has a tree infected with this infectious disease, there is a good chance it will spread to your trees if they are not treated in time.

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We recently treated these oak trees in a Ft. Worth neighborhood riddled with oak wilt.

To reduce the chance of oak wilt spreading, we try to refrain from pruning oak trees from mid-February through mid-June. This is the time when disease transmission is at its peak due to beetle activity. If an oak tree must be pruned during this time period, then be sure a certified arborist who knows the most up to date prevention methods is hired to do the work. You should also consider having your oaks treated with preventative measures if they are pruned in spring.

If you’re worried that your oak trees could become infected, preventative treatments can be administered. If your trees are already showing signs of infection, treatments must be applied immediately to try to manage the disease.

Shumard red oaks are particularly susceptible to the disease. The native Texas red oak is less susceptible, but they can often be difficult to find in the nursery trade. Monterrey oaks are a good alternative and they are much less susceptible to oak wilt.

If you feel that oak wilt could be in your neighborhood, we implore you to have a certified arborist assess your trees. Not only do we have certified arborists on staff, but also many are certified by the state in oak wilt management. Prevention is key. Contact us today.

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