I have to compliment the men who did a fabulous job on my tree. They were quick and professional. Their manners were impeccable. My neighbors were also very impressed by them. Y’all exceeded my expectations. Thank you! ”- Christine W.


Thank you all for a job that has been very well done today! ”- Ngoc T.

Our Staff Keeps Up with New Arborjet Technology

Here at Preservation Tree, we’re always looking for the most environmentally responsible ways to treat trees with serious disease or pest problems. Often, trees suffering from specific nutrient deficiencies need a quick boost to help them heal. Other trees may be suffering from a serious pest or disease problem. While we always try to use organic options, occasionally a tree may need something on the stronger side. Our goal is to never expose the rest of your environment to such treatments. Using Arborjet System, we’re able to deliver exactly what the tree needs, directly into the tree, rather than broadcasting it in your soil and landscape.


Insect damage to trees cost homeowners millions of dollars in damage each year. We are committed to not only diagnosing and treating trees to reduce property damage, keep trees beautiful and maintain their health, but we are also committed to educating ourselves and the public on the best approach to managing tree health.

Recently, we hosted a representative from ArborJet at our office in Dallas to update us on the latest technology for the ArborJet system. We work to keep up to speed on the newest safeguards trees against pests such as chewing caterpillars, scale and borers; and diseases such as chlorosis, sudden oak death and oak wilt. These pests and diseases attack your trees systemically…that means using a topical spray on the tree may be less effective or ineffective. We use a system to drill, plug, and inject nutrients or treatments directly into the trees transport tissues then seal them into the tree. This system, however, must be done properly and by trained professionals so as not to damage your tree.

By using the targeted, systemic approach with the Arbor Jet system, we can reduce your family’s chemical exposure and impact on the environment. It’s the best way to project your kids, pets and wildlife.

If you think your tree could be suffering from a serious pest issue or might just need a boost of nutrients, give us a call.

We have offices in both Dallas and Fort Worth. Give us a call to learn more. The Arborjet System is part of a complete tree maintenance program that keeps trees healthy and beautiful so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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