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Our Top 5 Reasons to Plant Trees in Fall

For months, we’ve been saying “Fall is for Planting!” and we really mean it! Right now is the best time to plant shade and specimen trees.

Autumn  Blaze  Maple

1. Irrigation: With more natural rainfall in fall and in winter, you’ll have an easier time keeping plants watered.

2. Soil: Our Texas soil doesn’t freeze. This means you can plant trees from fall through winter, which gives them much more time to establish new roots before the onset of summer.

3. Winter: Even though many trees go dormant through winter, they still put on new root growth. When the heat rolls in next summer, your trees will be better established.

4. Fall Color: Fall color is an enticing motivation to plant a specific tree. When you choose your tree in Fall, you’ll get a sense of the vibrant color you can expect. Seeing is always believing and many tree such as Ginkgo or Shumard Red Oak offer spectacular color through fall. So do ‘Autumn Blaze’ maples, like the one pictured above. And have you noticed this year’s awesome fall color all over town? Stunning!

5. Texas Arbor Day (1st Friday in November): There’s a good reason why Texas A&M Forest Service changed our Texas Arbor Day to fall instead of spring: the experts know that planting trees in fall, in Texas, give your plants the best chance for success.

So how do you get the project going? Give us a call. We can help you choose the right tree for your space, make sure your chosen tree has all the attributes you desire and plant it for you the right way.

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