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Our Top Tree Blog Posts of 2018

Since we are about to close out on another year, we thought we’d take a look back at the most popularly read blogs of 2018.

1) It’s not surprising that our post about pruning mistakes is the most popular read. “Cheap” pruning can permanently ruin the look of your valuable trees and often leave them susceptible to storm damage, disease, and ultimately death. We recapped the most common pruning mistakes here: /blog/top-five-tree-pruning-trimming-mistakes

Broccoli Tree 11

Broccoli trees are one of the most common pruning mistakes.

2) Shade is such an important commodity in Texas. Homeowners were clearly searching for advice on which shade tree to plant in their yard that is native and adapted to our Texas climate. They found it here: /blog/5-best-texas-shade-trees

3) With the rampant use of herbicides on lawns and landscapes all over North Texas, your trees can inadvertently become victims. We covered the signs and symptoms of herbicide damage here: /blog/could-your-trees-be-the-victim-of-herbicide-damage

Herbicide Damage

Herbicide Damage

4) Weird tree diseases are always of interest to our clients. Slime Flux is a bacterial infection that expresses itself as a black ooze — gross! You can learn more about it here: /blog/black-ooze-whats-wrong-with-my-tree

5) This blog, all about the State Tree of Texas, of course was a hit with our readers. Pecans are some of the most beloved trees in our area and can live to be 300 years old! Learn even more are these stately trees here: /blog/did-you-know-pecan-tree-facts


Pecan – the State Tree of Texas.

The blogs listed above are just the tip of the iceberg of all the information contained on our website. If you love trees and want to learn more about them, take a deep dive into our blog, which we’ve published weekly for about 6 YEARS! We look forward to sharing more with you in 2019.

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